Environmentalist calls for strategic restoration of global ecosystems

World Life Day


As the world marks ‘World Wildlife Day’, a Kaduna-based environmentalist, has brought into focus the losses of biodiversity that have significantly affected the ecosystem and called on the global community to imbibe acceptable practices towards reversing the ugly trend.

The award-winning environmentalist, Gloria Kasang Bulus, Executive Director of Bridge-that-Gap Initiative, who made the call in an exclusive interview with NATIONAL ACCORD in Kaduna, revealed that the international Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has raised alarm over threatened 8400 species of wild fauna in several parts of the world.

“While close to 30,000 fauna and habitat are reportedly endangered, over a million species are threatened with extinction. We are experiencing continuous loss of species, habitats and ecosystems which threatens the needs of mankind in the area of food, medicines, housing, clothing and much more. Millions of people also rely on nature as a source of their livelihoods and economic opportunities”.

“But sadly, as nature is under threat, so are our wildlife which also depends on nature for its existence”, Bulus volunteered, adding that this year’s Wildlife Day (WWD), is being marked under the theme: ‘Recovering Key Species for Ecosystems Restoration’ .

According to her, Bridge-that-Gap Initiative, “is working hard on the conservation status of some of the critically endangered species of wild fauna and push for strategic conservation and protection of wildlife and their habitats in Nigeria and beyond.

“We are also working on a biodiversity exhibition to hold before the end of the year, to showcase species that are endangered and threatened. The objective is for the public, including our young ones to be able to see pictures, videos and hear stories of these species”.

“We are already getting and identifying partners from the academia, the private sector and government among others to support the all important exhibition, which I am sure would make the desired impact in the country”. Bulus disclosed.

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