Lack of strategic environmental governance hindrance to climate change campaign in Kaduna – Groups

Expert harps on landscaping architecture to quell climate change effects
Climate change


Lack of good and well-intentioned environmental governance and social audit for effective monitoring and evaluation of data and procurement have been identified as the major impediment against the climate change campaign in Kaduna state.

A leading member of Network of Civil Societies in Environment, Gloria Kasang Bulus, who made this known during a one-day capacity building platform for critical stakeholders working around environment – strengthening the technical working groups; to develop or use tools required for effective engagement with government, urged participants to volunteer wholeheartedly in the task ahead – to mitigate climate change.

Bulus who is also the Director, Bridge that Gap Initiative and convener of the network noted that, “Unless and until we are able to partner the government in ensuring outcomes in tandem with the people oriented policies, plans, appropriations; we will be doing next to nothing in the campaign”.

Climate change campaign in Kaduna
Strategizing on climate change campaign during the one-day capacity building programme in Kaduna State

On baselines and its importance to the campaign, Rahila Baita Ishaku, a member of the  network and facilitator, explained that,”baselines are very important for us now as we need to develop tools that ensure we never steer away from the overall goal when we come to take stock of where we have reached in the campaign”. 

Coalition of Association for Leadership, Peace, Empowerment and Development (CALPED)’s Head of Social Enterprise and Development, Dangwa Abbas Danjuma, called on participants to engage governments by using the Freedom of Information Act, which empowers the citizenry to participate in their government. “When adequately informed, citizens can better help the implementation of programs by giving credible feedback to government through social audits and tracking”, he said.

The event attracted climate change champions from states such as Benue, Edo and Ogun. The training focused on social auditing, use of the FoI law, baseline survey and all other steps associated with environmental governance. 

Highlight of the event tasked participants to develop work plans for the five thematic areas of the network namely: environmental governance, safer environment, climate change, green solutions, disaster management and livelihoods.

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