NCDC allays fears over rumour of coronavirus in broiler chickens

Coronavirus in broiler chickens


The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has regarded as “completely FALSE” the speculation making the rounds on the social media that coronavirus can be transmitted through broiler chickens.

The NCDC, in a statement to NATIONAL ACCORD on Tuesday, while dismissing the rumour, called on the Nigerian public to ignore the hearsay and discourage its spread.

It said, “The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is aware of a rumour being shared on social media, that the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spread through broiler chickens.

“The NCDC can confirm that this is completely FALSE. The public is advised to disregard this rumour and discourage further spread.”

The NCDC further knocked the rumour stating that, “Scientists are working on identifying the animal source of this new virus. Currently, there is no known link between the virus and broiler chickens.”

Meanwhile, the speculation has started after India’s poultry industry was reported to has lost 13 billion rupees ($182 million) in three weeks as a result of the rumour that chickens are a cause of the spread of coronavirus.

The coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, leaving at least 1,868 people died, while at least 72,436 infected, in mainland China, according to recent official figures.

While hundreds of cases have been confirmed elsewhere, with the virus being reported in several countries in the Asia-Pacific region as well as Europe, North America, the Middle East, only Egypt in Africa has one case been confirmed, according to Egypt’s health ministry report of February 14.

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