NLC, Labour Party should unite to serve workers – Abure

Labour Party National Chairman, Julius Abure
Labour Party National Chairman, Julius Abure


The National Chairman of Labour Party (LP), Mr. Julius Abure, has said the party and Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) should form a united front to serve the interest of Nigerian workers.

Abure made this call at a news conference in Abuja on Wednesday.

The LP chairman said it would be in the collective interest of both parties to put all their resources together and fight for the common course of all.

Both parties have been at loggerheads over LP convention and other related issues.

The organised labour president, Mr Jeo Ajaero threatens that the party would distance itself from former LP president candidate, Mr Peter Obi, if he embraced Bretton Woods fiscal prescriptions.

“We must create an enabling environment to capture power and use same for the betterment of our people.

“Consequently, I want to appeal to first, my own brother, friend and Comrade Joe Ajaero, President of the NLC to put aside whatever may be his grievances and let’s work in the interest of our people.

“Fighting the Labour Party at this time is uncalled for and unwarranted especially at this time when the working people of Nigeria are suffering.

“We need not waste or dissipate our collective energies in fighting ourselves over nothing.
“It is therefore in our collective interest to put all our energies and resources together and begin to fight our common enemy and reposition our party for better performance,” Abure appealed.

The LP national chairman also announced the setting up of a Directorate of Obidient Affairs to receive complaints and resolve issues involving members and ensure that that are properly integrated into the party.

“It has also become imperative for us to persuade our elected members in the House of Representatives and the Senate that it is in our collective interest for them to work closely with the party.

“We would like to assure our lawmakers that their interests, whatever it may be, will be adequately protected if we work in synergy.

“We therefore continue to appeal to our lawmakers that they must continue to be good Ambassadors of the party,

“They must respect the Supremacy of The Party. Party is supreme. They must obey the party, obey its directives,” he said.

The LP national chairman announced the setting up of new committees including: Peace and Reconciliation, Electoral Reform. The political reform committee will be chaired by Prof. Sam Amadi.

Speaking on the outcome of the 2023 election, Abure said the party had a successful outing.

“This is the first time the Labour Party will be having a very successful outing in the political space. For the first time in the history of the party we have a governor in our kitty.

“We had 35 House of Representatives members, 7 Senators and several other members in the various Houses of Assemblies across the country.


“I think we could consolidate on this and use what we have to get what we want.

“I had thought that we can use our representation in the National Assembly currently to begin to fight the cause of workers, fight the cause of Nigerians and see if we can get a better life for our people”, he said.

Abure expressed gratitude for the Governor of Abia State, Dr Alex Otti, and other party members and leaders who supported the party to hold a success convention. (NAN)


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