The power of Coronavirus By DONS EZE

Israel to lift coronavirus restrictions on air travel
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Coronavirus is a paradox, very difficult to understand. Small but mighty, coronavirus now poses grave danger to humanity, and to the global community. It has instilled fear in the minds of many people, big and small, young and old, who think that the world is coming to an end.
Coronavirus has brought down kings from their thrones, and silenced many world leaders. Presidents, governors, clerics, chief executives of corporate organizations, billionaires, now tremble before it. Everybody is afraid.
Coronavirus has brought confusion to the world community. Uncertainty pervades everywhere. Many people are uncertain what will happen the next moment, who will be the next victim, or what will be their fate.
Coronavirus has led to total world lockdown. Flights have been grounded. No more air travels from one country to another. Global trade has seized. The world economy has crashed. Everything is at standstill. Coronavirus has reversed the gains of globalization.
At the local level, governments have stopped functioning. Our leaders have gone into hiding. They are afraid of their lives. We only hear from them through their aides, or from recorded broadcasts. They are not like other leaders of the world who show leadership, constantly briefing their people on government’s plans to contain the pandemic.
Coronavirus has brought death to many homes. It has brought sadness and sorrow to many families who lost their loved ones. It has paralysed the entire world.
Coronavirus has made everybody a victim, both those who tested positive and those who status is yet to be confirmed, everybody is staying at home, either quarantined or isolated. Freedom of movement and freedom of association have been abridged. No more public gathering. No more going to churches and mosques. No more political meetings. No more going to markets. No more travelling from one state to another.
Coronavirus took everybody by surprise. It caught everybody unawares. Nobody saw it coming. Scientists did not predict it. Since the outbreak of the disease, they have been in the realm of speculation, whether coronavirus is as a result of animal infection, or developed from laboratory in China. Nobody is certain.
Even the prophets, those who claim to see tomorrow, did not prophesy it. It was hidden from them. They see it as punishment from God. God was not happy with the world because of the sinfulness of man. They now ask us to be on our knees, and pray to God so He will mellow down His anger and remove the punishment from us.
While not discountenancing the importance of prayers, it is however be necessary to adhere and obey the rules set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) for combating coronavirus, such as constant sanitizing of hands, self isolation, or maintaining social distance of at least three metres away.
In this way, we will all defeat Coronavirus, sooner than later.

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