What 101-year-old Hitler’s neighbour says about him after almost a century

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

A Jewish woman who used to live in Munich claims that she was Adolf Hilter’s neighbor in the 1930s, the Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

Alice Frank Stock , who is 101 years old, said in an interview with the British tabloid that Hitler lived in the same neighbourhood during the 1920s and 1930s, apparently even after he had already assumed power. She said she would often see him accompanied by SS guards.

“I never spoke to him. I saw him once or twice coming home too. His car would draw up,” she told the paper.

“One was our apartment, number 14 – the other was either number 13 or 15. That’s where Hitler lived,” she continued.

She said that one time she saw a coffin being taken out of the apartment. She said this was probably Hitler’s niece, who lived with him until she took her own life.

“We heard many [rumors], from the cook and others. We saw a coffin being carried out of the entrance,” she said.

“I think a niece of Hitler’s was living there and then she died. There was speculation of how and when she died. I think there was truth in it that the coffin was carried out and in it was a woman. But there was no confirmation ever, and you couldn’t talk openly.”

(Israel Hayom)

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