Greece cracks down on domestic travel, steps up police enforcement

Greece is cracking down on travel within its own borders in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, with police checking all cars heading towards the provinces from large cities.

Since 6 p.m. (1700 GMT) on Wednesday, police controls were set up on all highways and country roads. “Only those who can prove that they live in the province can continue their journey,” the head of civil protection, Nikos Chardalias, told the state television broadcaster.

The restrictions also apply to all flight and ferry connections. Violators will face a fine of 300 euros (326 dollars). Police had until Wednesday been enforcing travel restrictions at random.

Now, officers are systematically checking for compliance with the new restrictions at toll booths and important intersections.

The coastguard is issuing ferry tickets only to people who can prove they’re from the destination island and live there.

Greece had introduced its first restrictions at the end of March, closing schools, restaurants, bars, and shops to stop the virus.

The country with a population of 10.5 million people has one of the lowest death tolls from the coronavirus, at 83 people so far. (NAN)

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