New video clarifies Edo Guber aspirant, Asue Ighodalo’s interpreter report


A video has emerged clarifying what and how an aspirant for the off season Edo governorship election, Asue Ighodalo conveyed his message to the press in Esan home.

In the video, he said he is a true Edo son and had since the inception of democracy in Nigerian and in Edo State contributed immensely to its growth.

Ighodalo is contesting under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

A video obtained by this platform as posted on X by a PDP chieftain, Anthony Ehilebo, appears to have contradicted an earlier report alleging that the Guber aspirant hired an interpreter to pass this message across to his people.

The video, seen by our correspondent, has no interpreter as earlier reported. Mr Ighodalo was only seen in the video addressing the media on how grounded he was in Edo and Nigerians politics.

In a typical Edo accent in the video, he said he had been doing things in Esanland.

Revealing his house which stood behind him in the village, he said he had done a lot of work with different governments with regards to the economy of the state.

He said: “I do things in Esanland. But it is only that we are not noisy. My brother is here, I am here, my parents were here. I am a true Esan boy. I am not going to use home boy, because they have used it badly. I am an Esan Boy.

Recalling his contributions to the development of the state since 2008, he said: “I am a true Esan boy. I am a true Edo boy. I am a true Nigerian. That is what I am. Since 2008, I have been in the economic team of the state, starting from the administration of Comrade Governor (Adams) Oshiomhole. Since Godwin Obaseki came in as Chairman, Economic Team, I have been coming to Edo State to support and advise the government.

“I have been advising since 2008, which is 15 years ago, which means that I came into Edo State, five, six, so many times a year for government business, not to talk about my own business. So, people can say what they like. Because we are not noisy, and because we are not jumping from one ‘mama put’ to another, does not mean am not a true Edo boy.

“This issue of an Edo boy, this issue of a true son of the soil is in the heart. There are many of our brothers and sisters in the diaspora who are more Edo than many of them who live here. So it is in the heart, it is what you do in your heart, it is not how many pepper soup joints you go. So, all those of us in the diaspora, those of us in the diaspora in Nigeria, diaspora abroad, all the best hands must come to develop Edo State.

“Someone cannot sit in the village or in ‘mama put’ and say the rest of us cannot come and develop our state. It is not done. We must all come together and develop Edo State, plus the people in ‘mama put,’ plus the people in Canada, we must come together and develop Edo.” State.”

With the video now trending on X, many on the app have faulted the earlier report of an interpreter, saying it was a campaign of calumny.

Sharing the video, Ehilebo wrote: “So people.. They will tell you Asue Ighodalo has no home in Esan..

“Ladies and gentlemen, hear from him directly…

“No be them say them say…
I am at home with my people…”

The video has already generated over 400 comments with the Diaspora vowing to rally support for the aspirant in order for him to develop the state.

Watch video here:

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