2023 & the future of Nigeria: A reader’s reaction:

Night Pen Chant By Sam Adzegeh

Mr. Adzegeh.

  1. You look too serious in the picture. Smile, it is well.
  2. Whilst it’s true that in your scenario the North comes out with the short end of the stick, the reality is that separation, unless agreed, will be violent.
  3. Once separation is achieved, then there will be other cries for further separation. Idoma from Tiv, etc.
  4. Hausa from Fulani seems to be the most likely regardless of if Nigeria remains the same or separates.
  5. Without wanting to go into more details, your scenario is unlikely to happen. What may happen is that Obi wins and the establishment tries to prevent him from exercising his mandate. There I think is the real recipe for trouble.
  6. I agree with you that 2023 is a watershed moment. I pray to God that peaceful change is allowed. If not wahala dey.
  7. You need to keep an eye on eliminating mistakes both spelling and grammar in your writeup. I wish you every success.
  • George Otache
    United Kingdom

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