‘A huge congratulations to the Senate President Godswill Akpabio’ – Media Team

Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio

“It was a hard- fought battle of political strategy,  mastery and networking, that recognises distinction, class and content. You are a man of quality and not quantity, as others who tried to upstage the applecart, by sheer politics of money, ethnicity and parochialism were wont to provoke.

You stood out in your robust engagement with critical stakeholders in the onerous journey to becoming the number 3 citizen of this great nation. You reached out to your colleagues, made them to believe in your capacity to lead such an August body, the Parliament of our great country.

You exerted pressure, burnt midnight candles, persevered with utmost resilience to breaking the ice. And now, you have conquered.

This is another huge platform for you to showcase your uncommon skills, in your usual tradition, of surpassing targets. You were an uncommon Honourable Commissioner, uncommon Governor of Akwa Ibom, uncommon Minister of the Niger-Delta Affairs, uncommon Senator in the 8th Assembly, and now another opportunity to become uncommon Senate President.

We thank God for the glory. We give God, the creator of heaven and earth, all the glory and adoration. As a team player, I trust in your ability to rally round the Senate in the greater task of generating laws for the good governance of the country.

As an ambassador of the South-South geopolitical zone, we are proud of your success. We identify with you that Senators from other geopolitical zones across the country, saw in you, the quintessential traits of a consummate politician that can lead the Senate in the 10th Assembly. 

Congratulations to you Distinguished Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, the latest Senate President in town. You will have to be magnanimous in victory, and see the challenge of political opponents, as a required democratic process that helps to enrich our democracy.

Carry everyone along and launch your skills to show your usual grit as you set out for another uncommon leadership of the 10th Assembly. “



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