Coronavirus: Kenyan students in Wuhan, China to get upkeep – Govt

Kenyan students in Wuhan, China
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The Kenyan government will disburse Ksh1.3 million ($13,000) for the upkeep of Kenyan students in Wuhan, the Chinese city that is the epicentre of the Covid-19 virus epidemic.

In addition, Ksh500,000 ($5,000) worth of provisions from the Chinese government is also being processed.

The move follows anxious appeals from Kenyans living in the country after a coronavirus lockdown left students confined to their residences and unable to procure groceries.

State spokesman Cyrus Oguna says 100 Kenyans are currently living in the Chinese city, with 91 of these being students while nine are artistes.

“We are aware there are two expectant Kenyans…they’ve been receiving medical services. They have necessary support and are in good health,” Col Rtd Oguna said in a briefing on Thursday.

All transport, including trains, flights and public means have been halted by Chinese authorities to prevent spread of the viral disease.

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