Haiti: Werley Nortreus urges Council to include his amendments in the constitutional reform

Werley Nortreus

According to the online newspaper Black Star News, the Haitian politician Werley Nortreus, the founder and head of the political party and movement Jeunes Dirigeants Haïtiens Progressistes, declared on Sunday, March 19, 2023, that he is urging the current Haitian Government to include the new amendments that he proposed in the constitutional reform that the members of the Council, known as the HTC, installed by current Prime Minister Ariel Henry, will establish in the upcoming months.

According to Nortreus, the rising politician, the country’s new constitution or amendments must be written or drafted by Haitians only. He has always advocated for the inclusion of Haiti’s youth in politics and for new, young politicians to be given the same opportunity to run in general elections as older politicians.

It is one of the reasons he started or created a petition in 2022 asking the Haitian Government to change the current constitution so that new politicians who begin at the age of 25 or older have the same eligibility to run in the general elections for the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches as the more experienced politicians who take over the powers for a period of time.

According to the South African newspaper Mail & Guardian, he is also the first Haitian politician to propose the idea of embracing youth participation in the country’s politics. In order to help the country achieve long-term stability or development, he is reportedly in favor of integrating the youth into politics, according to other news outlets like South Florida Caribbean News, Modern Ghana, The Peoples Gazette, and others.

“I continue to ask the current Haitian Government to include these new amendments that I proposed in the country’s constitution before the new general elections. The Government has installed a council whose mission is to reform the constitution, establish security, improve the economy, and hold a general election so that a new President and Government can rise. The petitions that I created that proposed new amendments to the constitution are very clear. I think the time has come to integrate a new generation of politicians, who start at the age of 25 and will have the same right to participate in the general elections for the Executive, Legislative, and Legislative as well as older politicians”, Werley Nortreus said on Sunday.

Nortreus also said Haiti has reverted to being a colony because the U.S. and other foreign nations are currently in charge. He also said that it is time for Haitians in Haiti and the diaspora to work together in order to carefully free the country from existing colonialism, racism, and enslavement while working cooperatively with foreign communities and Governments.

He continued by saying that the potential to get the country out of the dire condition it finds itself in lies in the new constitutional amendments he had suggested. He claims that the amendments that he suggested will contribute to the country’s long-term stability and development. He even referred to his suggested amendments as a final opportunity or last chance that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

“It’s sad to say, but I think that Haiti has returned to being a colony again for some time now. Although the country has been under colonial control for some time now, it has become worse than it was before. The current situation in the country has broken the hearts of all of us Haitians who have character and dignity and who never wished for the country to be in this state. There are many reasons why I am also urging Haitians who live in Haiti and in the diaspora to unite to carefully free the country from current colonialism, racism, and slavery. The petition that I have created that proposes new amendments can remove the country from the hardship it has found itself in. I believe that the new amendments that I proposed are the country’s last chance, which should not be taken for granted at all. It’s very serious”, Werley Nortreus said on Sunday.

“Haiti truly needs to hold elections for a newly elected President and Government. But I don’t think that elections are possible without security. As we all already know, the country has an insecurity problem where several gangs are terrorizing the population. This is the reason why I accepted the decision for an armed group from the international community to come to the country to bring security and peace. I am congratulating France, Russia, Canada, CARICOM’s member countries, and the African countries that agreed to enter into an agreement with the Haitian Government to send armed forces”, Werley Nortreus added.

Nortreus also said that foreign communities and Governments must respect Haitians’ autonomy while cooperating. 

Additionally, he said that in order for the country to advance toward long-term stability and development, it must keep its focus on rewriting the constitution, maintaining security, and having general elections.

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