Nigeria @ 62: ADC Presidential Candidate lauds Nigeria’s fallen heroes

Former ADC Presidential candidate, Dumebi Kachikwu.

Dumebi Kachikwu, Presidential Candidate of the African Democratic Congress(ADC), has lauded Nigeria’s fallen heroes who lost their lives while defending the integrity of the nation.

Kachikwu said this in a statement on Saturday in Abuja to commemorate Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Anniversary.

According to him, to mark this day, two groups of people must be celebrated, first are our fallen heroes and those who are in the field defending our freedoms and way of life.

“For over a decade our nation has been at war and more often than not we forget the heroic sacrifices made daily by our men and women in uniform.
“They wage war that we may have peace. Our troops have defended other nations, maintained the peace in far flung lands and today have the task of defending our land.

“The second group are the Nigerian masses who are suffering in silence. They stay silent that we may have peace They suffer untold hardships as our economy gets worse, as job opportunities disappear, as our security situation worsens and as food prices escalate.

“These two sets of people are the true heroes of our nation. They maintain the silence of the grave in the face of hardship,” he said.

Kachikwu said that as Nigeria approached the 2023 general election it was important to remember these two sets of people and ensure conversations never depart from them.

He said that Nigerians and the government must focus on this two groups, sustain conversations around them and address concerns so that the labours and suffering of the nations fallen heroes, men and women in uniform and the masses were not in vain.

“He said that the Independence day anniversary should also be used to remember the sacrifices made by the nations forefathers for Nigeria to be free from colonial rule.

“We must remember those who died on both sides of the Nigerian Civil war that our nation may remain united.

“We must remember the poor masses who mostly live on one meal a day. We must remember our troops who are fighting a difficult war.

“If we do this, the silent majority will become the vocal majority and apathy to Nigeria and politics would no longer be an option,” he said.

Kachikwu cautioned Nigerians against trading their votes in 2023 general election for material things such as money, wrappers, Tshirts, face caps and food.

He also advised Nigerians against being used by politicians and political parties as instruments to campaign unjustly by constituting false crowd, supporters and followers.

He said that Nigerians needed to change the narratives and stay true to a just course of only campaign for the right candidate with a clear vision to rescue and restore the country.

According to him , Nigeria needs Nigerians, our troops need Nigerians support, millions of poor Nigerians need Nigerians voice and their vote to rescue and save our country. (NAN)

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