Real Estate firm offers 70% mortgage funding for home ownership, Residency in Abu Dahbi

…targets Nigerian civil servants, others

An Abuja-based Real Estate firm, WEPHCO Technologies has entered into a partnership with the government of Abu Dhabi to provide investment opportunities for interested Nigerians in the public and private sectors to invest in the gulf state’s rising real estate sector.

The mouth watering deal offers Nigerians up to 70 % mortgage financing to enable them
own homes in Abu Dhabi which comes with an offer of residency.

The firm enjoins civil servants to take advantage of the offer to prepare for life after retirement with an investment that guarantees an appreciable returns.

Founder/ CEO of WEPHCO Technologies, Harvey Wisdom Nwachukwu said this while speaking with journalists at the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi House Extravaganza, NetZero Investment event held in Abuja, on Saturday.

According to him, what the partnership is introducing to Nigeria and Nigerians is a pre and post-retirement investment opportunity for investment in real estate.

He said, “What we are introducing into Nigeria is post and pre-retirement investment funding and this post and pre-retirement investment opportunity. It is an avenue where by Nigerians who are in the public and private sector including civil servants can invest their funds while they are still working and after retirement then they can have something to fall back on. The Post and pre-retirement investment funding opportunity.

“Wepco is here to help Nigerians to invest in real estate and other beneficial areas that can enhance their success and as a result of that we are partnering with Abu Dhabi government to bring about this NetZero investment projects which is the Wepco Abu Dhabi House Extravaganza programme which we did today.

“With this Abu Dhabi Extravaganza Housing projects, every civil servant in our communities both post and retired civil servants can find a way of investing their money and get high level of return which we call the ROI which come from less than 10-30% return investment.

“As we all know, the Abu Dhabi is a tourist location with 80% tourism and some of the benefits which you will enjoy over there is the stability of the economy, zero percent taxation and other benefits which go with having even residence those areas,” Nwachukwu said.

He explained that with UAE residency, you can travel upto 198 countries in the world either visa free or with visa on arrival.

This, he said, confers on Nigerians who enjoy traveling across the globe an added advantage because our laws recognize dual citizenship.

According to him, other people can have their money kept in the banks over time without investing it, such funds he noted could lose about 13 percent of their value but when it is invested in real estate for example, it not only improves in value with time, it also serves as a legitimate investment with high returns.

He further said, “With the contract which we have signed with the UAE government beneficiaries can have more return in investment which can serve them while they are sleeping at home. We have bring this to serve Nigerian communities and the entire West Africa.

“With the NetZero investment if you are a civil servant you can pay 30% of the project and be able to get mortgage of up to 70% of the project which it more affordable for everybody.

“So, those civil servants who are in cooperative societies can afford to buy this property because when you are in cooperative society you can have access to gather money and with this you can have the ability to buy a home in some of these estates. It is affordable and our partners are not individual partners and that is why we signed it with the UAE government.”

Abu Dhabi is a city, known for its ultra-modern architecture, luxury shopping and lively nightlife scene. It is also the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the centre of the Abu Dhabi Metropolitan Area. The city of Abu Dhabi is located on an island in the Persian Gulf, off the Central West Coast. End

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