Somali Army kills senior al-Shabab commander

Somali Army troops

Somali National Army (SNA) forces killed a senior commander of al-Shabab on Saturday in an operation in southwest Somalia, the military said Sunday.

The SNA commanders who led the operation told Somali National Television on Sunday that Mohamed Nur Ga’al, also known as Sheikh Al-Sima, was killed near El-unit, in Tiyeglow town in Bakool region.

The state-owned broadcaster said that Nur was a senior Shabab leader responsibility for a series of terror attacks in Bay and Bakool regions.

Bakool is one of the strongholds of the Qaida-affiliated terrorist group.

Somali security forces, backed by African Union peacekeeping troops, have intensified their assault against al-Shabab, as part of efforts to stabilise the the country. Xinhua

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