2022: There will be pandemic in some parts of East Africa – Bishop Isong

National Publicity Secretary, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Dr Emmah Isong
National Publicity Secretary, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Dr Emmah Isong


Bishop Emma Gospel Isong, General Overseer of Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI), Calabar, Cross River State have predicted that in 2023, there would be a disease in some parts of East Africa.

According to the clergy man, Nigerian should pray so that the pandemic would not come to the country

Bishop Isong disclosed this in Calabar during a pass over service at the CCCI to usher in the new year.

“There will be a disease in some parts of East Africa beginning from Kenya that will affect infant mortality so we pray it should not come to Nigeria and let God take it away in Jesus name”

“Do not abandon the word of God and seek help in Egypt in 2022. The bible says my people have forsaken the fountain of living water and have dug for themselves broken systems that holds no water. Those who leave God and go to Egypt to look for help will fall into bad hands in 2022 and beyond”

“Isong said I see Bayelsa, we pray that the error of one man will not rob Bayelsa of the glory of God in the spirit realm. Error of one man will rob the entire state of what they are enjoying now”

He said “In Akwa Ibom State the plans of the mighty shall fail, the church shall be divided but God in between shall have his way. He says by February, I will declare my will to the people of Akwa Ibom and within a few months, I will show myself. The powers of the mighty will fall and the weapons of war will also perish”

“Still on Akwa Ibom, the oil shall drop only on the head of David and not on his senior brother, you may have money but not the oil. You control the money but God controls the oil” he started

“In Cross River State I know all the CIAs are here, you cannot arrest me, I am just a prophet. The confidence of men shall bow to the plans of God. The house shall be divided against itself, the anointed shall be accepted and the selected and appointed shall be rejected, and the people of Cross River shall rejoice. They shall say we have not had such a time like this before”

“There shall be promotion of the faithful especially those who serve God. The military, paramilitary and the civil service, none of you that say amen here shall remain at the same level, you will say can God do such a thing in such a short time and the Lord will answer I am God”

“In your prosperity, do not forget the house of God, do not look at the blessings and forget the blessed, do not look at the creations and forget the creator for God is bigger than the things you desire in life. This year God is out to bless you when the blessings comes do not run away”

“There will lock up some parastatals in the state and use it to oppress the poor, the Lord says I will shake them and scatter them. The lord says calm your self down I will fight and answer the prayer of the poor”

“Celebrities will be poisoned in 2022, the Lord says mind where you eat”

“Government will get worried about Cross dressers and want to clamp down on them”

“We pray against incessant truck accidents, the Lord gave me this prophesy few months ago even before the traffic warden was killed. The Lord says in 2022, pray against incessant truck accidents and illegal road blocks that cause accidents”.

“In 2022, cocaine cartels and drug rings of very rich people, in 2021 it was the Yahoo big boys that were exposed, in 2022 the drug big boys will be exposed”.

“Daura will be moved to Calabar, I don’t know the meaning, don’t interpret for me for I don’t know the meaning.”

“Many of our celebrities will be attacked for nudity, there will be a public outcry against the nakedness on our screens”

“ISWAP will be in trouble this year and their hideouts will be exposed, their operational base burnt and people released”

“Chinese technology will bring some sort of ease to transportation in Nigeria and I hope this does not come at a price. Women also in rural areas will benefit”

“Unprecedented unity among the Annang people in Akwa Ibom State, a full reconciliation all in preparation for the coming election”

“Pray for our family lord, Prelate Emeritus Sunday Mbang, his enemies shall not survive 2022. Unnecessary controversy and complications arising from COVID-19 vaccinations will continue leading to mass rejection of the vaccines”

“A certain governor in the south South will win an award In science and technology, it will be so vast that his state will be proud of him”

The body of Christ will be more united in 2022 than before

Student activism and unionism will reach its peak in 2022 and we pray it will not lead to mass protest and revolution as other years especially in UNICAL,, University of Ibadan and Ilorin.

“IPOB, I see them gradually changing and transforming and becoming familiar with the system, I don’t know if they will stop their agitations but their violent tendencies will come down almost to zero”

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