At last, Hilda Baci receives Guinness World Record plaque

Record breaker Hilda Bassey aka Hilda Baci has received her plaque from Guinness World Record for her remarkable cooking feat.
On June 12, Guinness World Records confirmed Hilda Baci has officially broken the record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual with a time of 93 hours 11 minutes surpassing the previous holder, Lata Tondon, an Indian-based chef whose cooking marathon lasted for 87 hours, 45 minutes in 2019.

The 26-year-old Akwa-Ibom chef cooked over 100 pots of food during her four-day kitchen stint which began on May 11 and ended on 15.

Hilda attempted to set a record of 100 hours, however, almost seven hours were deducted from her final total because she mistakenly took extra minutes for one of her rest breaks early on in the attempt.

The renowned chef shared a video that saw her receive the boxed parcel at the gate from the delivery man while buzzing with great excitement.

After the box containing her GWR plaque was handed over to her by the delivery man, the chef couldn’t hold back her joy as she screamed and jumped at the same time making faces for the camera.

Hilda’s videographer made it known in the clip that the chef would be doing an official unboxing to reveal the plaque for all to see though she didn’t state when it’d be done.

To accompany the video, Hilda tweeted: “Our plaque is here @GWR.”

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