Bundesliga needs big names like Mané and Götze – Official

Bayern Munich player, Sadio Mane

Bundesliga Chief Executive, Donata Hopfen is enthusiastic about Sadio Mané and Mario Götze joining Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt.

“The league needs such stars and big names,” Hopfen said on Thursday at the Horizont Congress in Frankfurt.

The duo are “a great calling card for the league,” she added.

Senegalese Mané and Germany’s 2014 World Cup winner Götze have both joined their new clubs for three years from Liverpool and PSV Eindhoven respectively.

They could go head-to-head when Eintracht Frankfurt host Bayern Munich in the 2022/2023 Bundesliga season opening match on Aug. 5.

Hopfen expressed three wishes for the upcoming season, in spite of COVID-19 cases rising in Germany.

“Spectators in the stands, plus a season without a coronavirus stoppage, that’s really important for us. And an exciting season finale until the last matchday.”

Bayern Munich have won the last 10 Bundesliga titles.(dpa)

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