COVID-19 Pandemic and the struggle for global economic interests

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The circumstances surrounding the outbreak of coronavirus, specifically called COVID-19 around the world is surrounded in mystery and packed in secrecy. So far, there are conflicting of figures of deaths which are counted in thousands, with many more hundreds of thousands of people critically ill and hospitalized.

The Official Secrets Act of Sovereign Nations have not helped matters in letting the world know the truth behind the most recent pandemic on planet earth. For this reason, people can only speculate, bearing different opinion. On the two different sides of the controversy is the United States of America, and the Peoples’ Republic of China, respectively.

The Prussian military General and war strategist, Von Clautswitz had opined that more aggressive wars are waged on the economic battlefronts than in field combats. So, it was that in the first quarter of 2020, exactly 469 years after Nostradamus predicted a collapse of an existing world economic order and in a manner not unlike, but reminiscent of the pristine brutal supremacy wars between  competing kingdoms that form the present union referred to as the Peoples’ Republic of China when a large section of the Kingdom could be lost in battles to sustain the Kingdom, the world witnessed the fight of two world economic giants, competing to retain, on one side, the economic stranglehold on the world , and on the other side, to change it for her own grips .

It is my pleasure, to introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, the battle of the titans involving two world economic powers for the countries they represent based in Washington and Beijing respectively. Officially admitted by the Chinese government to have erupted in Wuhan, COVID-19 was timed to coincide with the closing festivals of the Chinese new year after  which the Chinese returnees from America and Europe will go back to spread the “message “.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 episode re-creates the former political cleavages and allegiances of the cold war era. It may not be by any coincidences that while the virus is ravaging America and Western Europe, China and her Eastern European allies are either shielded from the virus attack or they have taken care of the virus.

Not coincidentally too, the outbreak of COVID-19 as a trade and biological weapon of international economic supremacy by China may have been proved with the following updates:

  • The buying-over in two days by Chinese Government of more than $20billion American and other foreign investments in China.
  • Announcement by Chinese Government of the total eradication of COVID-19 in China shortly after the buying-over of foreign investments in China was announced by the government.
  • Release of COVID-19 vaccine which is suspected to have been developed with the virus to contain its excesses in China as the need may arise.
  • With a rapid astonishing and almost impossible recovery rate from a pandemic with a swift mortality rate that almost overwhelmed the advanced technologies of Western Europe and America, the COVID-19 pandemic seem to have been pre-meditated and released on the world with the vaccine readily available to the Chinese authorities as the need may arise.
  • The speed with which the Chinese authorities constructed hospitals; the fact that President Xi Jinping visited the infected patients virtually unprotected, wearing a simple face mask (some people believe that he may have been injected with the vaccine), all point to a macabre dance for world economic supremacy over the United States of America and her allies.
  • Most significantly, scientists around the world do not as yet have conclusive evidence that this variant of Coronavirus, the COVID-19, originated from animals as was claimed by Chinese scientists.

Trading blames with the Chinese authorities, President Donald Trump of USA had dismissed the COVID-19 outbreak as the “China Virus”. In a few days’ time, it hit America and opened up the President to verbal attacks by the opposition to the government.

With the support of the Republics’ political clerisy, Chinese President Xi Jinping leads a dedicated group of intelligentsia and new generation of businessmen in China driving the Peoples’ Republic hard while taking advantage of a foundation of solid patriotic citizenry laid by Chairman Mao Zedong several decades ago.

Make no mistakes…., the signs of the economic take-over by China from America have long been there. With availability of both material and human resources in China, that country and indeed, most of the Asian countries have become soft grounds for the world conglomerates to site their factories.

Almost all the supermarket chains in Europe and America have their manufacturing outfits in China. The economic law of comparative advantage guaranteed this. But there is a brutish corollary between the ascendancy of the receding world economic power, America, and her ascending adversary, China.

While the former was built on human capital, mostly of African slaves after the Portuguese have prepared the ground for the rest of the world to scramble Africa in the Berlin Conference of 1864/ 65, the emerging Sino-Asian capitalism has been secured on a wicked foundation of sacrifice of human lives lost in the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, with a pandemic which shook humanity, the international trade and economic supremacy where Washington and Beijing locked horns suddenly ended in favor of Beijing. While Washington still remains the world strongest firepower, Beijing will work hard to retain her newly- acquired status as the center of the global market.

There are going to be some shifts in the core policies of the United Nations as a new power center shall emerge within the UN caucus. Accusing the Chinese government of waging a biological war on the rest of the world, some organizations in America have instituted law suits against the government in Beijing.

While the pandemic of Kwovikk 1-9, sorry COVID-19 economic war of attrition lasts, let us all in Nigeria take necessary precautions as advised by the health authorities to save our lives.

  • Abuchi Obiorawrote from Abuja and first published in GUN

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