Divine Search – My Kingdom Book Review Series

Book Title:Divine Search Locating Yourself in Your God-Ordained Place
Written by Apostle Mercy Okom

Book Review by Linda Asimole Ellah

This Book – A Must-Read!

Locate Your Place

The focus of the first chapter is that we need to “locate our place in the end-time move of God”. This book expressed the importance of having a good knowledge of God. And this includes understanding that following God’s call does not exclude: trials, persecution, intimidation and sometimes lack. Yet, God is a “faithful Father, Jesus is our Friend, and we are co-labourers with Him”.

I got to understand that most of the things God allows in our lives are part of God’s training for our next level in His service.  So, we have to be careful of doctrines that says, “It does not matter”. And the author points out that such compromising doctrines have led so many souls to the path of perdition. Read the book to understand more about the doctrine of “It does not matter”.

Discover Your Place of Service

The author made this very important point. She wrote: “As a believer, there is a space that is meant for you and no one else to occupy.” This point made me think about the important and unique role I am called to play in the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:7 says, “But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ”. Alongside this, also begs the need to be in the right place. Only then can the believer experience peace, joy and fulfilment. The book throws light on the need to discover your right place of worship, right place of service and then discovery of your gifts, calling and ministry. Read more to see the problems of not discovering your rightful place.

The Price

The author goes on to talk about the price that must be paid. She writes: “Salvation is free but discipleship is not”. There is a price to be paid. With salvation comes discipleship – the actual following of Christ Jesus who himself passed through suffering. In order to find God, the author says the believe “must be ready to suffer the loss of prestige, pleasure and prominence in the world”. And guess what? That “there is a cross with your name on it”. Read the book and see what this price is all about in practical Christian life.

Divine Actualizers

According to the author, Divine Actualizers are “people who sought God, found Him, sought His will for their lives, and found it. They located their places, spent their time carrying out God’s agenda for their lives and made their mark on time and eternity”. It is sad to know that there are many ministers of God who have ridiculed God’s grace and glory upon their lives through their engagement, involvement and partnership with the powers of darkness. This is an interesting part of the book, with true life stories to buttress the points, and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

How Long Will You Wait?

There is a very striking statement in this book that seem to summarize a major objective of the book, and it is this, that: “…it is a crime against yourself and your descendants to refuse to locate yourself in your God-ordained place, because you put yourself in religious bondage”. And there is an urgency about this call. There’s no time again. Some of us have wasted so much time in the past; several years spent doing our own will. Read examples of persons in our days and how they responded or did not respond to God’s call upon their lives.


The Joy of a Fruitful Search

There is great peace and joy experienced when a person finally locates his or her god-ordained place, and where he/she should be both physically and spiritually. Testimonies abound over the last decades, of persons who came to the End-Time Warriors Ministry (ETWM) and have found true relief and permanent solutions to the challenges they face, be it illnesses, infirmities, issues around family patterns, the breaking of ancient family covenants, and many other needs and prayer requests. The Ministry has as its VISION: “To be God’s channel through which the present day church will find its relevance on earth while we vigorously pursue the cause of Revival of Nations”. This book throws light on what the mission and mandate of the core-revivalist Ministry is all about.

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