Excited fans mob Kano Pillars’ Ali despite 0-3 loss to Sporting Lagos FC

Sporting Lagos FC match against Kano Pillars at Mobolaji Johnson Arena
Sporting Lagos FC match against Kano Pillars at Mobolaji Johnson Arena



Excited fans on Monday swarmed around Kano Pillars’ captain, Rabiu Ali, after his team’s Match Day 7 Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) match against Sporting Lagos FC on Monday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the 2023/2024 Match Day 7 played at Mobolaji Johnson Arena, Lagos, attracted several fans from the Hausa community in Lagos who came to cheer the visiting Kano Pillars.

The game, however, ended 3-0 with the Tech Boys scoring all the goals in the 12th, 29th and 36th minutes against the visiting Kano Pillars.

Former Kano Pillars hit man and highest goal scorer, Junior Lokosa, emerged man of the match with a brace against his former team, while his partner, Jonathan Alukwu, scored the third goal.

Not minding the scoreline, the Kano Pillars’ fans from the Hausa community in Lagos, swarmed around Ali, who is considered the oldest player in the league at 43 years. He joined Kano Pillars in 2011.

Some of the fans expressed delight seeing the three-time league winner fondly called Pele as they praised his longetivity in the league.

Auwal Kadri commended the old warhorse for his dedication to Kano Pillars: “We all like Rabiu because of his loyalty to the club, he has stayed with the club for so many years in spite of many clubs wanting him.

“He was unlucky not to have scored against Sporting Lagos FC today because the defenders denied him.”

Another fan, Sani Kunmi, said seeing Ali was a great experience for him having heard about him from his father.

“I come all the way from Agege to see him; it’s been a while he came to Lagos last, maybe during the time MFM FC used to play in Lagos.

“My father who knew him well said a lot about him, how he used to dribble well. I can see how good he is today in spite of his age,” he said. (NAN)

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