Foundation trains released detainees on self esteem & confidence


By SADIQ ABUBAKAR, Maiduguri –


Released detainees from military detention camp and safe corridor camp at a one day training organized by Allamin Foundation for Peace and Development, Maiduguri on Tuesday said the acceptability, reconciliation and reintegration processes have strengthened their self esteem and confidence.

They also asked for forgiveness and commended the community.members for their love, affection, acceptance and unity shown to them that have strengthened them to continue with their normal life.

The returnee detainees added that they learnt a lot while in detention and orientation given to them during the rehabilitation and reconciliation process couple with the willingness of the people to relate and interact with them.

A cross section of participants at the training programme

They pledged to live peaceful with others and engage in trading and farming in other to make earnings while few expressed fear of stigmatisation in the community in which they have been reintegrated into.

Earlier, the facilitator of the training, Dr. Mohammed Abdullahi oriented them on how, when and where to rebuild their self esteem and confidence in the community.

They were also sensitized on how to relate and interact with other members of the society as well the security agencies, community and religious leaders.

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