Kyari’s reappointment, well deserved by Ayekooto Akindele


I was deeply involved in the Bola Tinubu Campaign since 2020 till February 2023, I was involved personally, collectively, politically, spiritually, and financially. I know the actual workings of that deadly period Bóobáopáism and Bóòbaobùúlésèism politics. The casualties were numerous, from Adams Oshiomole to Tanko Almakura, from Nuhu Ribadu to Femi Gbajabiamila among many others. While some escaped the powerful onslaught, some were roughly brutalised against the rules of law. It was unpopular to support Bola Tinubu among the powerful people between 2020 and February 2023. Even those well known ‘mentees’ of Bola Tinubu retreated and hid their heads during this tribulation but, in fairness, a few of them started to show only after the APC Primary.

The major thing that worked for Tinubu was those Shedrach, Mesaich and Abednego of Burdillion who refused to bow to pressure and supported him in life or in death. Kudos to such people.

Mele Kyari was neither for nor against any Presidential Candidate but after the APC Primary, some powerful evil forces within the government adopted Atiku as their Candidate and vowed to defeat and disgrace Tinubu at all cost! The humiliation they suffered at Eagle Square and their unwillingness to allow power shift are much lighter than their aversion for the Asiwaju of Lagos. ABT, Anybody But Tinubu was the main agenda. Two agencies were penciled down to bring down the government and make Tinubu, a leader of governing party and Candidate of governing party, pay for it. These two agencies were the CBN and NNPC.

It was easier for CBN Governor to be brought into the ABT alliance having committed a sacrilege by being the first CBN Governor ever to run for Presidency while in office. It took President Buhari’s intervention to call him to order. CBN was going to confiscate our money but it would lie to us using redomination of naira to stop corruption. Many Nigerians initially believed him until Emefiele collected all our money, emptied all the vaults of commercial banks and shut down the economy. The unseen evil forces largely succeeded on this. Everyone was cursing the ruling party, and by December 2022, the popularity of the APC has entered the ICU. Atiku and the other Ipob loser were happy, clapping for the CBN, urging Nigerians to endure till February 2023, “it is in our best interest” they said. The Tinubu campaign organisation was rattled. Commercial banks were attacked and CBN branches that have all the money were well fortified and harsh forces were on guard. At some point, to aggravate our frustration, CBN said it has burnt all the money collected. Nigerians were using cash at bank to purchase cash at hand! NLC was only watching, no action!

The second agency was NNPC but the unseen cabal wasn’t totally successful here. They got a green light from some marketers who are stooges of these unseen evil forces and also, affiliates of Labour. But unlike CBN, NNPC Filling Stations were selling fuel 24 hours a day, they were not using teargas on Nigerians. The queue was crazily long but the service was uninterrupted! The queue was caused by the conspiracy of petrol matketers. The Cabal was not pleased with Kyari, they expected total confiscation as done by CBN but Kyari took charge of what he could control and left the rest for posterity. While Emefiele was saying he burnt the money, Kyari kept on saying that the petrol in our reserves is enough for us till after election. Some junk media under the influence of these evil forces started attacking Kyari while hailing Emefiele. WE SAW EVERYTHING.

TINUBU, in Abeokuta, had to disassociate himself from the wicked policies of the government and vowed to fight on with assurances that victory is certain!

I know and saw that Mele Kyari did his best under the wicked circumstance he found himself. He was standing against forces bigger than him and in case Atiku had won, he would be the scapegoat.

A king sent you a message and the Oba River where you will pass is full to the brim. The King’s message must be delivered and no-one dares to enter an overfull Oba River. I’m happy Kyari survived it!

Now, it is convenient for anyone to attack him especially those who want his current position. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not a small politician, he knows the game so well and he will never see white and call it black. Kyari’s reappointment was personally done by him because he understands the situation perfectly and most importantly, he knows Kyari will deliver on the renewed hope agenda, he knows Kyari will always choose professionalism far above bitter politics when it matters most.

Congratulations Mele Kyari, the GCEO of NNPC. Like Nysome Wike will say, you jump am pass!

Good morning to all Progressives only.

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