Peace Ambassador award: Mayor of Housing hails Gov Fubara for sacrificial leadership

Gov Fubara (l) and Mayor of Housing

Gov Sim Fubara has been identified as a governor with sacrificial leadership and commended for doing everything possible to sustain peace in Rivers State during the turbulent times.

The Mayor of Housing, My-ACE China, who made the commendation  at the weekend, also noted that Gov Sim Fubara sacrificed a lot so the grass does not suffer when two elephants fought.

 This is coming on the back of the award as Peace Ambassador by Silverbird organization on March 3, 2024.

Mr China, who is the CEO of the Housing and Construction Mayor Limited, said most persons may never understand the extent of the sacrifice made by the governor when tension seized the oil state in the heat of the attempted impeachment exercise.

Reacting, the real estate success strategist said: “I feel very elated and proud about this development because the sacrifice is beginning to pay off. The governor has sacrificed a lot and has restrained himself from exchanges that can destroy the state like when two elephants fight. So, it seems, for the sake of the grass, the elephant has refused to fight and quietly went about his projects, just to ensure the grass does not suffer, even when most the grasses are baling for blood or for a fight back. Much is being achieved.”

On how this could help in promoting business and investment in the state, the man who has consistently championed peace and stability to allow investment take root said every state is ultimately represented by the kind of leader it has. “It is clear that peace promotes productivity; productivity promotes profit; profit promotes peace. It is a circle of good. More profit makes more peace. This will now help to create peace and people can increase productivity. It allows investors to go out and come in. It has added to the trust in peace in the state. It boosts productivity.

“For external investors waiting to see if it is real peace so as to come, they can see it is real. It may convince them to make final investment decision. Those on the fence will find signal that real peace is here.”

He advised political leaders to eschew bitterness saying the era of sharing-politics is gradually coming to an end. “With the food crisis in Nigeria, it means productive politics is what is needed because soon there is nothing to share. Productive politics is being birthed. Unlike sharing politics, in productive politics, there is nothing to share if you don’t produce. The main fallout of productive politics is internally generated revenue (IGR) and one of the greatest drivers of IGR is business activity, and one of the drivers of business activity is surge of investors. Soon, it would be like in medical tourism driving some states in Nigeria. Soon, states with best business climates would attract investors and they get IGR. We are getting there.”

As the Mayor of Housing put it, the earlier the political actors realise this, the better it is for the state so they can learn how to fight without destroying the economy. “We are not saying they should not fight but they should not do so in the glare of the public and expose their dirty linens. There are ways they do these things so the investment community is not harmed.”

He predicted that by these developments, positive news is winning over toxic news and crisis. “Abia State nearby is an example of good news coming out almost everyday. While we are here in Rivers State talking and hearing of toxic news everyday, Abia State is now in good news and you can’t imagine the volume of investors rushing there. They may catch up or even overtake Rivers State, something that has never happened before.

“So, my general take is that what comes out of perception is now stronger than reality, and perception is now the new reality.

“Whatever comes out of Rivers State shapes the perception of people outside the state and this creates the reality of whether to come or not. There is no state that can do it alone but they clamour for national and international investors. Instead of trying to gag news, you better create positive activities that create positive news that creates positive activities, forming a circle of good that creates wealth for everybody.”

Meanwhile, news of the award to Gov Fubara has caused wild excitement in the state with groups coming out to align with the governor and to urge for more peace and stability so businesses can return fully.

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