My wife has abandoned her duties, gets too involved in church activities – Man tells court

Court gavel


Mr Aku Bakari a public servant on Friday dragged his wife, Mary, before a Customary Court in Nyanya, for allegedly getting too involved in church activities.

The petitioner, who resides in Nyanya Abuja, in his divorce petition accused his wife of abandoning her duties as a wife and mother.

“My wife no longer has time for me and our children, she is always going to church. Sometimes she goes to church on Friday and sleeps there until Sunday evening.

“She does not want to know whether we eat or not. “He said.

The petitioner told the court that his wife has abandoned her duties as a wife because of church.

He told the court that he tried to stop his wife from going to that church but she refused.

“We were happily living together as husband and wife until the year 2010, when I started noticing some strange behaviors in my wife especially her mode of dressing. She stopped wearing ear rings and necklaces, claiming that those things belong to the devil.

“That was when I noticed that she had stopped attending our family church, Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (NCCN), and was attending another church where she is being brain washed. I told her to stop, but she refused it is on this account that I wish to divorce her.” He said.

The respondent, Mary who is a cleaner was present in court but denied the allegations.

The presiding judge, Doocivir Yawe, advised the couple to reconcile for the sake of the children and adjourned the matter until Jan. 30 for hearing.(NAN)


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