Nigeria, a market with potentials that cannot be overlooked – Zoho

Zoho Technology Company

The Country Manager of Zoho, a technology company, Mr Kehinde Ogundare on Friday described Nigeria as a market with very good potential for doing business in the world.


Ogundare told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in an interview on Friday that the Nigerian market could not be overlooked, as it had lots of prospects.

He said that Nigeria was a country that was open to new products, markets and innovations.

Ogundare, however, noted that Nigerians were slow in adopting new technologies, adding that the private and government sectors should look into educating people on the importance of using technology.

“For instance, in this digital times, you still find some people questioning whether they need a financial application.

“We complain about government not doing much, but we as citizens also need to embrace innovations.

“In doing business, you cannot position yourself without using technology. If you want to advance your business right now, sitting within the four walls of your office will not help you scale globally,” Ogundare said.

He said that this post-COVID period had made a lot of people realise that businesses should be done using a multi-faceted approach.

Ogundare added that one had to understand that in a market like Nigeria, there was need to make noise, for people to know and adopt one’s innovation.

Speaking on what Zoho does for businesses, he said the company acted as a single repository to bring sales, marketing, customer support activities together, streamline process, policy and people, all on one platform.

“Another thing is that when you think of Zoho, what comes to mind is security first and privacy. And in this age and time, it is imperative for any business owner to trust the technology they are using.

“We ensure that businesses are safe by not selling their data. Nobody is going to hack and expose their business. So our value proposition is very strong in Zoho compared to any competition we have,” Ogundare said. (NAN)

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