“Our country is in trouble if you maintain President Weah,”Says Liberian opposition leader Joe Boakai

-Amb. Boakai tells Liberians in Mount Barclay

Ahead of the November 14, 2023 Run-off Election between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the main opposition Unity Party (UP), UP political leader Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai has declared that Liberians are going to be in more trouble if they retain President George Weah in the Run-off.

Amb. Boakai made the assertion Wednesday when several communities in the Mount Barclay area endorsed his preferment for their nation’s Presidency.

Former Vice President Boakai speaking to hundreds of Liberians in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County

The Unity Party’s strongman indicated that giving President Weah another term will dive Liberia into much more hardship under his leadership than the last six years.

He accused Weah’s officials of serving themselves at the expense of the Liberian people, something which he described as deceptive.

The former Vice President further alleged that the CDC was corrupt and believed in lying to the people rather than doing the people’s job.

Speaking further, Amb. Boakai promised to use his influence and ingenuity to improve the lives of the people of Liberia in two to four years of his administration.

According to him, with the resources that God has blessed Liberia with, he believes they can be used wisely to benefit the generality of the population rather than a few persons in the government.

He concluded that Liberians will hold themselves responsible should they re-elect George Weah for another six years; noting “What new thing would he do, if he couldn’t do it in the last six years.


Buchanan City

Meanwhile in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa on Thursday,  the former President told Liberians that it was risky electing Weah as their president six years ago.

Amb. Boakai said that Liberians drove on a risky path when they elected a footballing President in Weah. He told a group of people in District #2, Grand Bassa County that the time has come again to make decision as to who leads Liberia for the next six years.

Amb. Boakai, who was accompanied by the standard bearers of All-Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOP) and Grassroot Development Movement (GDM), Mr. Loseni Kamara and Edward Wade Appleton respectively, Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence, defeated Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay, Madam MacDella Cooper, encouraged voters to vote him over Weah as he is most prepared to help Liberians lead a decent life again.

Hefurther  asserted that it is time for the people to make decision that will change the situations rather than voting people care more about themselves.

The Unity Party’s Standard bearer speaking in Mount Barclay, outside Monrovia

Earlier, Amb. Boakai and entourage were welcome traditionally by the elders and citizens of electoral district #2 in Grand Bassa County. The citizens used the opportunity to enumerate challenges that the district is currently faced with ranging from bad road, the absence of educational facilities, lack of drugs in the only clinic among others. They prayed Amb. Boakai to remember them when he is elected President of Liberia on November 14, 2023.The visit to District #2 in Grand Bassa County is part of the final rounds of the Presidential Run-off campaign activities as Liberians count days to the Runoff Election.

As you may recall, the October 10, 2023, Presidential Election ended with no party being able to secure the 50 percent plus one vote to be declared an outright winner. Both Weah and Boakai got 43% each. The run-off election is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 14, 2023. This election will decide who becomes Liberia’s next President.

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