Why I deserve to be next Speaker – Doguwa

Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Alhassan Ado Doguwa

Rep. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa(APC-Kano) says he deserves to be the Speaker of the 10th House of the Representatives, because he has paid his dues and deserves to be rewarded.

Doguwa said this when he unveiled his plans for the Speaker on Wednesday in Abuja.
“I have paid my dues; it is time to reward my stewardship to both the parliament and the nation.

“I stand out as the oldest serving member from the Northwest in the House and with the support of my colleagues, I am the leader of the Northwest and the leader of the APC caucus in the house,” he said.

He promised to be the Speaker that would see through the implementation of the “Renewed Hope 2023-Action Plan for a Better Nigeria”, anchored by Sen. Bola Tinubu.

The lawmaker said he would leave no stone unturned to galvanise the support of the House to ensure the actualisation of the laudable programmes and policies of the incoming Tinubu administration.

Speaking on his mission, he said he would strengthen the role of parliaments toward effective representation while restoring the public confidence in governance.

He said he would do this by way of facilitating, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating strategies for public involvement in governance and government business.
Doguwa said he would ensure that the House conducted its business in a transparent and accountable manner, where every member would be held responsible and accountable by the people he represented.

“If elected Speaker, we will ensure cohesion and harmonious working relationships amongst the three arms of government.

“I am uniquely positioned to unite and stabilise the House, while creating an avenue for all actors to play vital and critical roles to stabilize the polity.

” I am determined to work according to the principle of checks and balances amongst all sectors, to ensure that the House conducts its business for the people and by the people’s representatives,” he said. (NAN)


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