Wike warns against politicisation of insecurity in FCT

FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike
FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike addressing the press in Abuja


The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr Nyesom Wike, has warned against politicisation of insecurity in Abuja.

Wike, who gave the warning during a media chat in Abuja on Monday, added that politicians were cashing out on the current security challenges to cause panic among FCT residents.

He expressed concern that instead of commending the efforts of security agencies in addressing insecurity, some residents have continued to create panic by dishing out false alarms.

The minister, who commended security agencies for the efforts so far, said that the media chats present an opportunity to update Nigerians as regard the issues of security in FCT.

He stressed that the security agencies should be commended for the successes being recorded so far, rather than the political propaganda that security in FCT has collapsed to cause panic.

“After the first kidnapping incident in Bwari, President Tinubu summoned the service chiefs and my humble self and within a few days you have seen what they have achieved.

“But nobody is talking about that. Nobody has come to commend them. All you here security has collapsed,” he complained.

Wike also condemned claims by some activists that the demolition of shanties was responsible for insecurity in FCT, adding that twisting government efforts for political gains is not the way to go.

He therefore called on residents to give the government the needed support and desist from generalising security issues as if it was a daily occurrence.

According to him, nobody is happy that kidnapping is rearing its ugly head in FCT.

“Nigerians forget easily and that is why we have always said let’s not play politics with the issue of security.

“Remember, some time ago, in the last administration, we were told that bandits came to Kuje prison and wrecked havoc. Nobody said there was no Minister of FCT. There was a minister.

“Nobody talks about FCT being the capital. Remember, there was an administration where terrorists came and burnt the United Nations building here. It was in FCT.

“Remember, there was an attack to burn the police headquarters. There was a minister.

“All over the world, we have heard where armed men went to school in cities and shot at will, killing 15 to 16 people in the United States, in Britain, as developed as they are.

“That does not mean that the security in those cities has collapsed.”

He called on politicians to desist from using security situation to create panic, painting a picture that appears like the people in FCT can no longer walk freely in the streets or they will be kidnapped.

The minister urged residents to learn to appreciate government efforts and support the security agencies with intelligence information to assist in addressing the challenge. (NAN)


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