Women, with this poem, I celebrate you all today and always! By LAW MEFOR


Woman, I Know You

     Woman, I think I know you

You are an unfathomable fountain;

  Deep, dexterous, far strong above man!

Who and who know man’s strength

       Beyond the Othellian scenes
        Of fitful acts, rancorous, opium rage?
          A poor shroud to an already exposed underbelly!
            A poor shield from the fatal blows of pierced heart!

Woe to you man,

        Knowing her less, you massage an ego, beaming:
         ‘You’re weaker, weaker; I’m stronger’
            When the reverse is an eternal truth

Does this undo her and her strong weapon as a conqueror?

She stands feeble strong, a Clytemnestra over her Theban king!

You plant; she reaps. And keeps a tab on your toil or sweat!

You sire the children that bear your name but they live for her!

Oh beguiled man, where is your power or sting?

Oh fated Adam, where is your power over Eve?

(From the Anthology of Poems, ‘Phantasmagoria’ by Dr Law Mefor)

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