How President-elect, Bola Tinubu can write his name in gold — Clerics

President Bola Tinubu

Some Muslim clerics on Sunday said that the President-elect, Sen. Bola Tinubu, would write his name in gold if he focused on delivering his campaign promises to the people and did not derail.

The clerics made the submission at the Companion’s 10th Annual Ramadan Lecture, organised by the Alimosho chapter, to remind faithful of what was expected of them during the ongoing fasting and prayer period.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the event, with the theme “The Nigerian Political System and Challenges of Good Governance: Ethical Values and Sound Leadership as Panacea”,was held at the Lagos State University (LASU) Ojo.

Companion, organiser of the lecture,  is a non profit making organisation, with focus on deepening the teachings of Islamic religion, improved welfare of faithful and facilitating good leadership.

The guest lecturer at the event, Dr Abdul-Lateef Kelani, said that the incoming dispensation, to be led by two persons from same faith, posed a litmus test to the Islamic faith.

Kelani, a renowned schoolar, said that the need for good leadership would continue to make people to scrutinise would be leaders to know their ability to deliver.

According to him Tinubu’s manifesto and the oath of office they will be administered with should be a guide to the adminstration.

“His campaign promises are captured in his manifesto; let him, the President-elect, and his team try and deliver on those things that they promised people, then posterity will judge them well.

“They should remember that Nigerians place high premium on the incoming dispensation, especially as it is anchored by people of same faith, goal and aspiration; nothing short of deliverance on all fronts will be accepted.

“This ship and its pilots must not fail to give Nigerians their heart desires; that is when the team’s  competence and proven managerial skills will be seen by all,” he said.

The lecturer described good governance as the ability to bring joy to the greater number of people and pain to a less number.

He said that wider consultation should always be made in matters of public interest, for the adminidation to be people-centred.

Kelani called on the President-elect to be prompt in appointing his cabinet members, which should be on competency and not on party basis.

Another cleric, Alhaji Kamor Ogunfowora, said that the companion would always expand its scope in areas that would impact humanity.

Ogunfowora, who is the Coordinator of Companion, Alimosho chapter, said that apart from organising thought-provoking programmes toward the success of the incoming adminstration, the body would continue to pray for the good of the adminstration and Nigeria.

“It is an offence and sin in the sight of Allah to promise what you cannot give.

“The President-elect has, during his campaign, made promises to the Nigerian people, therefore, it is expedent for him to deliver on those promises to remain in people’s good books and prevent Allah’s wrath,” he said.

The congregation prayed for God’s guidance of Nigerians during and after the Ramadan period.(NAN)

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