Nigerian man builds ‘aeroplane’ car that runs on solar, drives it to Akure (Video)

Residents of a community in Ondo state were intrigued to see a weird looking car in their area and gathered around it to watch with keen interest.

The weird whip called an aeroplane car was built by a Nigerian man and was being driven to Akure from Abuja when it encountered difficulties on Itaogbolu road in Ondo.

A man on the scene who shared the video, marvelled at the talented man’s invention.

The impressed recorder of the clip expressed confidence that the man would build even better automobiles if given the needed support by the government.

When quizzed, the car owner stated that his golden coloured aeroplane ride runs at 120 kilometres per hour.

After carrying out a repair successfully, the man revved its engine back to life and continued on his journey to Akure amid cheers from stunned residents of the Ondo community.

Nigerians react

Truvelisback said: “Has it been tested and confirmed? To prevent Accident.”

Ayomiddee said: “Let’s start being a better country by supporting our own.”

Posty56 said: “What could possibly go wrong, make en go park that thing one side jare, something that is not roadworthy na air? grin,that means we go pick in body for forest, not hating just saying the truth.”


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