Only teachings of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star can bring peace to Nigeria – Spokesman

Olumba Olumba Obu


Against the backdrop of religious intolerance and inhumanity, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, (BCS) says only the teachings of its leader Olumba Olumba Obu can bring the needed peace in the Country.

The spokesman of the organization, Patriarch Christ Shepherd Amah Williams disclosed this when he addressed a world press conference on peaceful coexistence among Nigerians.

Dr. Williams, who also is a University don said the organisation will further stage what he called World Charity Day simultaneously in Calabar, other capitals of the country and in countries where they have growing memberships on 27 December, 2022.

According to him, as a way of marking the season, they will not only distribute arrays of food items, beverages but clothing materials through their welfare and philanthropic arm, the Universal Mercy Fellowship.

He said, “Love and bearing one another’s burdens remains the cardinal teaching of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. He demonstrates this to His adherents and others by practically taking care of their welfare, even at his discomfort. This year’s World Charity Day shall also witness visits to Correctional Centres, IDP camps and giving out alms across Nigeria and elsewhere.”

The spokesman also noted that the 4th Leader Olumba Olumba Obu Annual Public Lecture series will hold on Thursday, 29th December, 2022 at Transcorp Hotel Calabar with the theme ‘Unification of he Human Race: Leader OOOBU, the Uncharted Path To Lasting Peace’

He disclosed that the Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Lokoja, Prof Alayemi Akinwumi and Dr Francis Falako of the Department of Religious Studies University of Lagos would also address the gathering.

He said the public lecture started in December 2019 as a platform to showcase and reflect on the enduring legacies, teaching and accomplishments of the religious leader.

Amongst global leaders and scholars that have addressed the Lecture series include former governor Donald Duke, a staunch Pan Africanist, Prof PLO Lumumba and former president of DR Congo, Dr Joseph Kabila who was represented by Dr Lawson Mbuggus last year.

The spokesman stated that beyond inviting all to the above events, “We wish to also make it abundantly clear to leaders of the world and government at all levels that the solution to the myriads of problems bedeviling mankind today can be found in the teachings of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu as encapsulated in volumes of his Everlasting Gospel.

“We make bold to say that except leaders of the world embrace the divine precepts of Brotherhood of man, where all forms of discrimination shall cease to exist, and the fatherhood of God, where all men shall worship the one and only Living God as taught by Leader Obu, man shall continue to grope in spiritual darkness..”

Speaking specifically about Nigerian situation, the spokesman insisted that the country’s leaders should humble and draw close to their leader whom he claimed is the Custodian of peace.

He cited when the Lord Jesus was in the boat with his disciples while there was high wave, threatening to sink. “It was until the disciples beckoned on Him that he spoke to calm the sea..”

Meanwhile, the organization recently rewarded deserving gospel artistes with prizes at its International headquarters in Calabar, South-South Nigeria to mark the Birthday celebration of its founder, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu on 30th December 2022.

It could be recalled that last year, the organisation gave out nearly N20m to young artistes from different nations in different categories.

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