10th Speaker: Group appeals to Wase, Betara Doguwa other aspirants to accept Abass, Kalu

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Tajudeen Abbas
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Tajudeen Abbas

…Commends Joint Task for adopting APC’s zoning formula

A pressure group, Defenders of Constitutional Democracy (CDC) has appealed to all Speakershp aspirants in the House of Representatives to accept the All Progressives Congress (APC) choice of Hon. Tajudeen Abass and Hon. Benjamin Kalu as the speaker and Deputy Speaker of the 10th Assembly respectfully

The group also commended the Joint Task- 10th Assembly, a Forum of Members -elect across the 18 political Parties for adopting the Party’s preferred candidates and offering to support them to emerge as presiding officers.

National convener of CDC, Alhaji Aliyu Abdullahi and the Director, Contact and Mobilisation, Dr. Chkwuma Okoro gave the commendation in a joint statement made available to news men  in Abuja on Saturday

The Group advised the aggrieved aspirants including Deputy Speaker Ahmed Idris Wase, House leader Alhassan Ado Doguwa, Hon. Muktar Betara, Hon. Yusuf Gagdi, Hon. Sada Soli, Hon. Aminu Sani Jaji, Hon. Abubakar Makki Yalleman, Hon. Abdulhameed Olawuyi and Hon. Miriam Onuoha “Not to rock the boat but work for the success of the party and larger interest of the nation”

The statement reads : “As democrats and patriotic Nigerians who are interested in the unity and peace of this nation, we appealed to all the aggrieved aspirants to the position of speaker of the House of Representatives to accept the endorsement of Rt. Hon. Tajudeen Abass and Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu as the speaker and deputy speaker respectively as an act of God.

“It is only God that gives power and he designs it his own way and everybody with his or her own time. We appeal to you people to accept the decision of the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the hierarchy of the party on these two gentlemen with the spirit of sportsmanship. You, people, could be speakers or even hold higher positions tomorrow.

“There is no need to gang up against the anointed candidates and the party because of the opposition and waiting in the wings to exploit your differences. Please, do not throw the party into disarray because of leadership positions


“We are aware of how you feel but national interest is paramount. We therefore urge all of you to sheathe your sword and desist from making disparaging public statements against the party, its leaders, and the anointed candidates. It is the same APC that made you who you are and remembers when you were chosen, others were equally unhappy but they did not pull down the house.

“Rt. Hon. Ahmed Idris Wase is the Deputy Speaker  today courtesy of the party’s benevolence ditto Rt. Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa as leader of the House and Rt. Hon. Muktar Betara who chairs the most powerful Committee of Appropriation. The party gave all of you the platform on which you contested for elections, so this is payback time.

“There is no doubt that you are all eminently qualified to be speaker but we cannot have more than one speaker and deputy speaker at a time. Disagreements are natural but we disagree to agree and there is always another opportunity. We urge all the contestants to rally around Abass and Kalu and avoid doing anything that would embarrass the party and cause disaffection within its ranks”

On the Joint Task-10th Assembly, the CDC hailed the group for its multipartisan and stabilizing stance.

 “The CDC is very impressed with the founders and members of the Joint Task-10th Assembly for placing the interest of the nation above primordial sentiments. It is gratifying to note that members-elect who have identified with the group cut across all the eight parties that would form the 10th Assembly.

“This shows that it is not about party, region or religion but it is about the unity and stability of the parliament to foster a cordial working relationship with other arms of government in order to move the nation forward.

“We specifically thank the chairman, Hon. Bello Kumo and the co-chairman, Hon. Kingsley Chinda as well as the secretary, Hon. Aliyu Madaki and indeed all the members. Their endorsement of Abass and Kalu on Tuesday will go a long way in enhancing their chances at the poll when the House is finally inaugurated on the 13th of June.

Speaking about Abass and Kalu, the group commended the duo for promising to reach out to the aggrieved contestants advising them to be humble and consider themselves as one among equals.

“The CDC wishes to congratulate Hon. Abass and Hon. Kalu for emerging as the preferred candidates for these exalted offices. We appreciate their wisdom and decision to get in touch with their fellow contestants. That is the hallmark of good leadership. However, we advise that they be humble and see this opportunity as an avenue for service and exhibit the highest level of integrity and respect for their colleagues”  

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