HEDA champions anticorruption efforts at sub-national level with landmark advocacy visit to Kano anti-corruption agency



In a determined step towards bolstering transparency and combatting corruption in Nigeria, the Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA Resource Centre) has embarked on a transformative advocacy and solidarity visit to the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC).


This strategic move was aimed at fostering profound discussions to elevate the fight against corruption, strengthen public accountability, and cultivate effective governance practices at sub national levels with improved independent performances of State Commissions as represented by the Kano State example.


The Kano State PCACC under the leadership of its Chairman, Muhuyi Rimingado at the Commission’s headquarter extended a warm reception to the HEDA delegation, led by the resolute Chairman, Olanrewaju Suraju.


The visit showcased the unwavering dedication of both entities to building a society founded on principles of justice and accountability, setting the groundwork for a collaborative partnership in the battle against corruption.


HEDA Chairman, Suraju, at the visit of August 15, 2023, elucidated the mission of the advocacy and solidarity visit, highlighting its explicit focus on meaningful dialogues intended to amplify the crusade against corruption, reinforce public accountability, nurture effective governance practices within the state and beyond, and salute the doggedness of Mr. Rimingado in fighting his persecution by the former Governor and returning to the Commission to continue the laudable works of the Commission.


During the meeting, both parties focused on the integral role that civil society organizations play in tackling corruption. Suraju, further emphasised the importance of collaboration between bodies such as HEDA and the Anticorruption Commission, underlining the shared goals of transparency, accountability, and good practice.


On his part, Kano State PCACC Chairman, expressed his commitment to forging a stronger ties with civil society organizations like HEDA, noting that such partnership will amplify and mutually compliment efforts to root out corruption, ultimately striving for a future marked by transparency and accountability.


Meanwhile, HEDA also expressed solidarity with the commission and revealed that there are ongoing plans to collaborate on investigation of cases the commission expresses interest and also upcoming partnership under the Anti-corruption Situation Room (ASCR) planned for Kano in coming weeks.


The visit also provided a fertile ground for constructive dialogues and brainstorming sessions as both parties underscored the pivotal role of collaboration between civil society entities and governmental institutions in the battle against corruption.


The meticulous orchestration of this advocacy visit by HEDA to the Kano State PCACC stands as a beacon in the ongoing struggle against corruption. Through the dynamic exchange of ideas, the forging of potent alliances, and the unwavering determination of all parties, the path ahead shines brightly with the promise of a more equitable, transparent, and corruption-free society. HEDA Champions Anticorruption Efforts at Sub-National level with Landmark Advocacy Visit To Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission.

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