How to excel academically — First class graduate

Mr Ededa Emmanuel, the 2018 best graduating student of the Kaduna State University(KASU) has called on students to be hardworking and disciplined in order to achieve academic success.

Emmanuel, 23, who bagged a first class in Micro Biology with a CGPA of 4.97, made the call during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday, in Kaduna.

He said he was able to achieve academic success through vision, discipline, sacrifice, maximizing opportunities and putting God first in all his doing.

“Give all your best, one of the major challenges students face is that they read and forget or they don’t understand what they read, thinking it’s only peculiar to them, which is not true.

“The best of brains face this challenge and the only difference is how people work consistently, persist In studying to make them overcome the challenge.

“The key to academic excellence is repetition, repetition, repetition; study consistently and repeat it; that’s the reason why you find most people who excel in academics are studious”, he said.

He explained that students may not necessarily read at night but should know the time they assimilate things more and understand better, and read at that time.

Emmanuel said that the best way to make an A grade was not targeting an A but targeting to know and understand the course, which will result to one getting an A.

He urged students to do away with the “read to pass”method of studying and embrace the “read to understand” method which keeps one away from malpractice and cheating in exams.(NAN)

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