My goals, my shortcomings as Borno governor By BABAGANA UMARA ZULUM

Zulum N108. 8bn 2020 Appropriation Act
Borno State Governor Babagana Umara Zulum
“All praise be to Almighty for giving us good health and strength to preside over the governance of our dear state. I salute our courage and calmness in the face of the global pandemic called corona virus that is ravaging the whole world. We should continue to observe the simple hygenic advice given to us and pray for Allah’s protection and safegurd.

I have remained focused since my assumption of office on my solemn pledge to ensure peace and security in the state as well as to reposition the state on the path of development. We know that the task envisaged is herculean and enormous requiring sacrifices, commitment and resilience. We have made spectacular achievements in ensuring peace and tranquility in the state. I personally visited all Local Government Areas of the state. We have concentrated on the provision of infrastructural facilities to ensure establishment of civil authorities and revitalize trade and commerce. We are making frantic efforts to resettle displaced communities and provide mechanism for their independent means of livelihood.

I sincerely acknowledge with thanks, all commendations coming from even far places. These commendations have given us assurance that we are on the right track and will ginger us up to put more efforts and commitments.

Let me also acknowledge with thanks, those well spirited individuals who spoke of my occasional emotional outburst and other shortcomings characteristic of any human being. I have taken all the comments in good faith and will ensure I heed to all the good advices so as to ensure good governance and better quality of life for our people. While I hold no grudge against anyone, I sincerly seek your forgivness for the shortcomings.

I want this administration to be principally people centred with broad based participation. Our doors are wide-open for consultations and worthwhile advices to take our state to the next level. I thank everyboday for the concern shown for my life personally and for the administration and assure you that we will do all it takes to ensure better quality of life to our people and prosperity to our state.

Let us continue to pray for absolute peace to reign in the state and seek protection from corona virus and any other calamity that may befall the state. May Allah protect us all. Ameen.

Thank you.”

* Being text of video message to the people of Borno state by Governor Zulum, April 2, 2020

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