President has tasked me to purify the country against Coronavirus with my dwarfs – Okomfo Kolege

purify the country against Coronavirus
Okomfo Kolegae

The major news headline across Ghana is that so far 6 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the country

In line with the global pandemic, the government of Ghana has declared a one-month suspension on all outdoor events in the country.

Following this announcement, a very popular Kumawood actor known for his role on the TV screens as a ‘Fetish Priest’, professionally called Okomfo Kolegae has made some comments amid the coronavirus outbreak.

He said the President of Ghana has tasked him to purify the country against the coronavirus that has already tested positive on 6 persons as confirmed by the Health Ministry.

Kolegae in his comments stated that the president contacted him as an official priest of the nation, to deal with this virus and with the help of his ‘ever-powerful’ mmoatia, Onell Paa Kwasi and a fruiteli drink he is sure of a successful purification.

He took to Facebook to share this with social media users. He wrote:

“As the official Nations priest, the president has tasked me to purify the land against the Coronavirus. With mmotia Onell Paa Kwasi and a Fru telle drink, i will be successful. Wish me well as I dismantle this pandemic with my gods and dwarfs. I am whatsapping them now.Your co citizen Digital okomfo aka okomfo guy guy.”

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