Ogbadibo LG chairmanship candidate, Onuh allegedly leads thugs to attack DAILY POST editor

The Deputy Editor of DAILY POST, Ameh Comrade Godwin, has narrowly escaped death in the hands of the former Caretaker chairman of Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State, Samuel Onuh and some hoodlums.

According to report, Ameh was attacked and mercilessly beaten by Onuh, who is the chairmanship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming Local Government election in the State and some hoodlums in Area 8, Abuja.

Narrating his ordeal, Ameh said he was lured into the hands of the ‘bloodthirsty’ thugs by Alfred Apochi, former Councillor representing Ehaje Ward II.

According to him, he barely escaped with his life when Apochi lured him into the midst of the stern-looking young men who were ordered by Onuh to kill him.

Hear Ameh’s narrated story:

“Fred Apochi has been calling me for days now that he wanted to meet with me that he had something very important to discuss with me.

“I have been busy, so efforts to meet him twice failed. On Wednesday evening, he called again that he needed to see me urgently that there was a friend of his who stays overseas that wanted to see me before he travels.

“I never thought of anything because he (Fred) is my cousin.

“I was not ready to go but when his calls became too frequent, I begged a friend of mine by the name Joseph to follow me.

“Initially, he said we should meet at Rivers Plate around Secretariat, but later changed his mind that I should meet him at Eden Garden, around Jabi.

‘’On my way to Eden Garden, he called again that his friend had changed his mind that we should meet at Area 8.

“At this point, I became suspicious, but his calls kept coming in that I should try because the person was traveling out of the country today (Thursday) and needed to see me.

“I asked him several times who the friend was, and he was like. ”It’s a surprise.”

“At this point, I wanted to go back, but he kept on begging that we also needed us to discuss on how to beg his elder brother, Barr. Boniface Agada Apochi not to step down as the chairman of our community development association, ODA.

”I felt relaxed because Barr. Apochi is a respected person from my community and has done a lot for my village. I never knew my own brother was leading me to Onuh to harm me.

“I eventually hooked up with him around Zenith Bank in Area 8 and he drove ahead of us.

“We entered a close and pulled over and I alighted. Suddenly, Frank Onuh (Samuel Onuh’s) brother came out. They both exchanged pleasantries and Samuel also came out looking stern.

“Fred shouted surprise surprise! At this point, I became more confused.

“The moment Samuel got closer to me, he snatched my phone from me, slammed it on the floor. I was trying to remove my wallet from my pocket to keep inside my car when four extra persons emerged from another angle and snatched the wallet from me.

“He ordered them to deal with me and the boys started beating me. Blood was gushing out from my nose, and he was busy shouting. Kill the idiot. Kill the idiot while punching my head. Frank was also beating me seriously.

“Efforts by my friend, Joseph to stop them were futile as Samuel pushed him away and ordered one of them to shoot me.

”That was when I became scared and took off. They started shouting thief! thief! And some boys came out with weapons to mob me. I was shouting, ‘I’m not a thief’ while running for my dear life.

“It was God that saved me because one of the boys picked up a huge stone to smash my head before my friend shouted, “he’s not a thief.”

“I ran to one of the nearby compounds and begged them to help me because Onuh and his thugs were still after me. They initially denied me access but I told them the former Ogbadibo LG chairman was after me and one of the security men knew I was an Idoma person and asked me to come in.

“I drove away from the place and I went straight to the police to lodge complaint alongside Barrs. Paul Edeh and Abbas Ochogwu.

“I was taken to the police clinic where necessary tests were conducted because I sustained injuries.

“As we speak, I can’t move my body because of the magnitude of the beatings I received.”

Meanwhile, Daily Post reported that Barr Abbas Ochogwu, counsel to Ameh Comrade, noted that “This barbaric act of impunity is condemnable and should never go unpunished irrespective of who is involved. I was shocked when I saw Comrade’s state when he called to inform me. We have already taken steps to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice. He will certainly explain why he left Benue to Abuja to commit this heinous crime.”

The medium alleged that Frank and his brother, Onuh, have vowed to deal mercilessly with anyone who dropped any contrary opinion concerning his chairmanship ambition.

It also said that when it contacted Onuh, he denied hiring thugs to attack Ameh whom he referred to as Azikikwe as popularly called among peers.

It said, Onuh insisted that he had no issues with Ameh, and that they have never met physically.

“I didn’t beat Azikiwe. Whoever knows me will attest that I will never attack him in the first place. He thinks by going about lying will do anything; so let him continue.

“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

And that on the contrary, Onuh asked, ”How many is Azikiwe that I will waste my resources to hire thugs against him? As who? Who is he? What is his dossier that they would rent thugs to attack him?”

Also that Onuh again admitted that he had been getting attacks and insults from Ameh. He said, “I have never known Azikiwe from Adam but I know he has been attacking me. He has been raining insults on me but I don’t know him. I have never seen him all my life.

“I have even reported him to the Senator he is working for. I have told everybody that this guy is trailing me,” Onuh said. (DAILY POST)

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