Oyo govt inaugurates Park Managers in 33 LGs to forestall insanity in parks’ operations 


The Oyo State Government on Monday inaugurated Park Managers in 33 local governments across the state.

Also inaugurated are two Disciplinary Committees, to intervene whenever conflicts arise between the State Government and Park Managers on the operations of the parks.

Contained in a statement signed by the State Commissioner for Public Works, Infrastructure and Transport, Professor Raphael Afonja, who inaugurated the Park Managers and the Disciplinary Committees at the Conference Hall of the Ministry, the new Park Management System (PMS) would bring sanity in the management of motor parks in the state.

Afonja explained that the Park Managers would be coordinated by a Consultant to ensure compliance with the terms of reference, while the Disciplinary Committees would intervene where issues arise between the State Government and the Park Managers.

He stated that the new PMS would aid the efforts of the State government to double the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) inherited from previous administration.

The Commissioner said: “This instruction was given by His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde. It is a new PMS that we are implementing. We are trying this to make sure we bring in a better structure into our motor parks and garages.

“Soon, other things like infrastructure will fall in place. So, for the main time, these people have been assigned to take charge of the parks on behalf of the state government.”

He emphasized that the new PMS architecture has no links with the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), as the managers were engaged by the government to ensure that financial leakages are blocked and that “there is increase in the internal revenue of the state.”

He said, “This is not a union matter at all, as the PMs are basically employed by the state government. One of the things the governor is doing is to ensure that leakages are blocked and that there is an increase in the revenue of the state. So, that is why we have this management system in place; to coordinate on behalf of the government.

“Another reason that the governor is doing this is to avoid violence among the unionists, because our people feel insecure whenever issues of NURTW come up in the state.

“If there is anyone who, in some way, wants to threaten the peace of the state, such a person will face the wrath of the law. Governor Makinde is the number one citizen of this state and he has all rights to do what is good for the people of the state.

“We are asking the PMs and the committees to make sure that there is no traffic congestion in our state. They should coordinate Parks and make sure that the revenues, which the state is entitled to, get into the state coffers. These are the things this government is concerned about.”

He listed members of the Motor Park Disciplinary Committee as including Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi as the Chairman; Alhaji Jimoh Tajudeen as vice-chairman and Alhaji Wasiu Omolewa, as secretary.

He also named Mr. Wasiu Yekeen Olawale as the Chairman, Oyo State Tipper and Lorry Disciplinary Committee.

“Strictly speaking, the Disciplinary Committees are to concern themselves with disciplinary issues arising from the operations of the PMs in relation to the terms of reference. In reality, they are not involved in the day-to-day management and operations of the parks,” the commissioner added.

Speaking, the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Alhaji Lamidi, clarified that he was not selected into the Committee because of his links with the NURTW, adding that his appointment as Disciplinary Committee chairman “is different from his role as a union member.”

He said, “First, let me thank God. I also appreciate Governor Seyi Makinde and God will always guide his steps aright. I want to assure the people of Oyo State that this position we have assumed is different from that of the union. It is very different because the governor said he does not want to hear about union in this state until all our internal crises are resolved.

“By God’s grace, I am assuring the people that we will be positive role models. We will work hard to ensure that peace reigns in this state and the park fee that is currently on the high side will even reduce.

“I also want the people to know that we have resolved and are really ready to help the government to get enough funds to boost the internally generated revenue of the state in a peaceful manner.”

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