Pakistan police charge ex-PM, Imran Khan for terrorism

Former Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan,

Pakistan’s police have charged the country’s former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, under anti-terror laws.

Their investigation comes after he accused the police and judiciary of detaining and torturing a close aide.

Mr Khan’s supporters gathered outside his house vowing to “take over” if he was arrested. However, he has now been granted pre-arrest bail until Thursday.

Since being ousted from power in April, Mr Khan has been a vocal critic of the government and the country’s army.

Police announced the charges after the cricketer-turned-politician accused authorities of torturing his close aide, who is himself being detained under sedition charges.

Officials accused Mr Khan of breaching the country’s anti-terrorism act for allegedly making threats against the state officials.

According to BBC reports, hundreds of the former prime minister’s supporters hasgathered outside his home in Islamabad after news of the investigation broke, vowing to “take over” the capital if police tried to detain him.

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